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The Republic of India in South Asia is the most populous democracy in the world. The diversity of the region ties in a myriad of cultures and religions, making it a truly unique and incomparable experience. 

We will visit the most iconic landmarks in India, including New Delhi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Jaipur - the Pink City, the Monkey Temple, and of course, the Rantambur Nature Reserve, home to hundreds of diverse wildlife species.

On our expedition, explore the ancient temples, taste delicious flavors in the markets, and have a completely immersive cultural experience, meeting locals and hearing their stories. 

LATITUDE: around 20.6° North

Size: 3.287 million km2

National Language: Hindi and English

Human Population: 1,387,297,452 

Capital: New Delhi

Temp. during stay: about 23°C / 74°F

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Super Comfort
Explorer's Elite provides premium comfort for adventure-seeking travelers. The all-inclusive accomodation covers domestic flights in India and full board at top rated hotels throughout our journey. Our bus will be air conditioned and our jeeps are spacious for ultimate comfort. Our pampering accommodations are set to the highest standards.
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Exclusive Access
Our trips include expert guides on the local culture, as well as photography guidance provided by our team to ensure that you return home with the most incredible photos and experiences. We also include all the entry fees so you can travel worry-free. This trip is intended to show you India through the eyes of locals, not as a tourist, so prepare to completely immerse in the culture and meet the welcoming locals!
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Team of Experts

This expedition is guided by renowned and award-winning wildlife photographer, Roie Galitz, and his team of professionals. While enjoying the journey, you will learn more about this region and its incredible inhabitants, and experience an intimate encounter with them, enjoying a completely immersive cultural experience. 

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position
in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

- Bill Bryson 





Day 1

New Delhi to Jaipur

Upon your arrival in New Delhi, we will take a domestic flight to Jaipur, the Pink City. You can't go to India without a visit to a local market, and the local market of Jaipur is one of the most beautiful sights to behold, filled with spices, flowers, and fine indian teas. This is an incredible opportunity for your initial meeting with the locals, sights, and flavors of india

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​Day 2      

Magical Rajasthan,  Jaipur,  The Monkey Temple, and The Amber Fortress.

Rajasthan is the land of kings, one of the most colorful, cultural and beautiful areas of the entire continent. We will start our visit to Jaipur, also known as The Pink City. It is one of the most magical cities of the Rajasthan district. We will visit the famous Amber Fortress,  a beautiful palace overlooking the entire old town. Then we will continue to the Monkey Temple, where we will meet monks living in synergy with thousands of monkeys considered sacred. We'll finish this substantial day with a lovely sunset at a vantage point over the entire city, for particularly photogenic images. Depending on your energy levels, we can continue for a night stroll to photograph the famous promenade in the city

Days 3-6

Ranthambore Nature Reserve

The Ranthambore Reserve is an uninhabited national park that houses hundreds of animal species: bears, alligators, birds, panthers and of course, tigers. If the name sounds familiar, you may have heard it on one of the many National Geographic films where it is featured. Meeting the Bengal tiger in his natural habitat is an experience you will never forget. According to their location in the reserve and our parameters, we will go out into the area in search of the best angles and lighting. Following our tour of the reserve, we can enjoy the pampering pool or share feedback on each other's photos. 

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Day 7

Local Villages and Road Markets

After breakfast, we will hit the road for a scenic drive studded with local villages and road markets. We'll stop along the way in villages, markets, and even at a local school for an authentic India experience. We'll explore the local way of life, not just the main tourist landmarks. Here, we'll have a great opportunity to take spectacular portraits and connect with the gracious and welcoming locals.

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Day 8

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

With another wonderful day of wild nature ahead of us, we'll get up early and head out to the Keoladeo Nature Reserve, India's largest and most colorful bird sanctuary. There, we will meet waterfowl and reptile birds, monkeys, antelope and more. At the reserve, we will travel through rickshaws, with 2 photographers per rickshaw.  In the evening, we'll proceed to our hotel, which used to be the local maharaja, a beautiful palace.

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Day 9

Magical Agra

Another highlight in our journey, today we will reach one of the magic gems of India and the entire world - the city of Agra, where the famous Taj Mahal is located. Dive into the streets of the magical city, watch the women washing their laundry in the river, visit unique markets full of spices and colors, and of course, reach unique angles to photograph one of the seven world wonders: the Taj Mahal. If possible, we will visit a local wedding - a wonderful opportunity not only for photography, but also for a complete cultural experience. Prepare your dancing shoes for an eccentric evening in magical Agra!

Day 10

The Taj Mahal at Sunrise

Today we’ll rise before the sun to meet the Taj Mahal in full glory and bright colors before the flocks of tourists arrive. According to your flight time, we will return to New Delhi for your flight home, packed with crazy experiences and incredible pictures.

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May 2024

Expedition to a land that's rich in culture, where you'll find everything from  wild, untamed nature to colorful, bustling markets. Our journey through India is an immersive cultural experience, so you can travel like a local. This adventure is offered at super comfort level.



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December 2023

Expedition to a land that's rich in culture, where you'll find everything from  wild, untamed nature to colorful, bustling markets. Our journey through India is an immersive cultural experience, so you can travel like a local. This adventure is offered at super comfort level.





  • The total cost of the expedition per person is $5,430

  • The trip is for group with a minimum number of persons.

  • Cost depends on the date and duration of the expedition and additional amenities or optional upgrades can be adjusted and added. The expedition is fully customizable.

  • A 30% deposit is paid upon registration.

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  • Domestic flight in India

  • Accomodation: Full board, including 9 nights in first rate hotels.

  • Bus or coach minibus, which is air-conditioned

  • Entrance fees to sites and reserves according to the route indicated

  • A local guide and India expert

  • Full Photography Tutorial on the Journey by an award-winning wildlife photographer from our team

  • Local nature guides in the reserves

  • Only four photographers in a jeep in the bird park, only two photographers in a jeep at the nature reserve for maximum comfort.

  • Personal Expenses

  • Overseas Service Provider Tips - $100 per person, will be charged instead of cash.

  • Photography Guide Tips 

  • Entry Visa to India - The visa is issued independently.

  • An additional $200 will be charged by the Indian authorities for video camera holders in India. Please note this is dedicated for video cameras, not a still camera capable of video.

  • Health and/or baggage insurance.

  • Additional costs for changes in port and fuel taxes

  • Anything not listed in the "included" section



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